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  • 10 vibes for Antalya

    like locals

    The list you will make to fully explore Antalya will probably contain more than 10 items. These 10 are a selection made from dozens of options, you can add and subtract as you wish!

    Just after visiting Patara Ancient City, enjoy the sun and the sea on the unique Patara Beach!

    Explore Kaleiçi down to its finest details. Enter Kaleiçi through Hadrian's Gate, examine the buildings of Ottoman architecture, dine in boutique restaurants, relax in Karacaalioğlu Park, and take a boat tour around the cliffs at the Marina!

    Taste the Shish Skewers with Piyaz with sesame oil to realize the tastes that are unique to Antalya and are in harmony with each other. After the meal, you can taste Burnt Ice Cream as a dessert!

    Go to a different beach every day. Antalya has many unique beaches where the deep blue sea meets golden sand. You can enjoy the sea and the beach on a different beach every day during your stay in this city. You can make such a list from west to east: Patara, Kaputaş, Adrasan, Çıralı, Konyaaltı, Lara, İncekum, Cleopatra.

    Cool off with the ice-cold waters of the waterfalls in the hot Antalya summers. Due to its topographic structure, Antalya hosts many waterfalls. Yukarı Düden, Aşağı Düden, Kurşunlu, Manavgat and Uçansu waterfalls are the best-known waterfalls of Antalya!

    Enjoy the luxury and splendor in the resort hotels. Accommodate in luxury resort hotels concentrated in Belek, Lara, and the center of Kemer and the towns such as Beldibi, Göynük, and Kiriş. Save energy and motivation for the days you will not be on vacation in these hotels with unlimited possibilities to increase your comfort!

    Do trekking and rock climbing on world famous routes. Antalya is home to world-famous trekking routes such as Lycian Way, St. Paul Route, and Pisidia Heritage Route. You can also evaluate the rock climbing routes in Geyikbayırı, around Olympos Ancient City, Çitdibi, Akyarlar, and Karataşlar!

    Go on an archaeological expedition. Besides its perfect nature, Antalya has a unique historical depth. It is possible to see an ancient city or ruins and to come across the traces of ancient civilizations all over the city. Perge, Olympos, Patara, Aspendos are just a few of these ancient cities!

    Inhale the healing air of the caves. It is known that the healing air in Damlataş, Dim, Karain, Beldibi, Altınbeşik-Düdensuyu caves are good for many respiratory diseases. Indeed, some asthma patients are treated in these caves with their physicians!

    Go rafting in Köprülü Canyon National Park. Located within the boundaries of Köprülü Canyon National Park, Köprüçay is one of the most popular rafting centers in Türkiye. You will see many professional and experienced rafting companies doing organizing rafting activities along the stream. Choose one of them and boost your adrenaline!