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  • 48 hours

    in Antalya

    First Day

    Start the day with a rich, green and rich cheese variety. Because you can get a little tired. Let the first stop be Kaleiçi. Enter Kaleiçi through Hadrian's Gate and go along in the direction you entered, examining the narrow streets and original architecture of Kaleiçi. Next destination is Marina. Hop on a boat, grab a cool drink, and watch the cliffs. When the boat arrives at Aşağı Düden Waterfall, do not forget to take a photo. When the boat tour is over, it will be time for lunch. You can choose one of the cute restaurants in Kaleiçi.

    The next stop after lunch can be Perge Ancient City. Perge is built on an exceptionally large area and hosts dozens of historical artifacts. So, it will take some time to enjoy Perge. And if the weather is hot, you will need to cool down afterwards. There are dozens of options to cool off in Antalya. One of them is Lara Beach, which is near Perge. Spend the afternoon on Lara's golden beaches, relieve your tiredness. You can choose a seafood restaurant for dinner. Because seafood restaurants in Antalya can offer you delicious Lagos Fish cooked in salt. Do not leave Antalya without tasting Lagos.

    Second Day

    Start the second day early. Because you can get on the cable car that goes to the top of Tahtalı Mountain in Kemer before sunrise and welcome the new day at the magnificent zenith of Tahtalı Mountain at an altitude of 2,365 meters. You can make sure that this experience will stay in your mind for life and accompany you as a souvenir. In other words, it will worth waking up incredibly early.  Once you reach sea level again, Olympos Ancient City will not be far away. There are cute venues where you can have a village breakfast on the ancient city road. You can evaluate them. Afterwards, enter the city and continue towards the sea by exploring the ancient city. If you get tired, a unique beach will be waiting for you at the end of your way.

    For lunch, you can go to boutique restaurants in Çıralı, near Olympos. Each of them will offer you their own, delicious options. After that, you can go a little further towards west. The next destination is Kas, the quiet and charming district of Antalya. Of course, when you come to Kaş, you should join a boat tour. Pick a boat from the harbor, jump at it and try to find the bay where the turquoise sea is clearest. And do not forget to go to the northern shores of Kekova Island. Because, you will be fascinated by the ancient artifacts that can be seen with the naked eye, despite being a few meters below the sea. It is not possible to swim awfully close to Kekova Island to preserve that ancient richness, but you will see many calm bays. Choose one of them and cool off in the Mediterranean. When you return to the harbor, it will probably be time for dinner. In the charming streets of Kaş choose one of the boutique restaurants that plays your favorite music. Enjoy a calm evening in Kaş accompanied by beautiful music in a warm weather!