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    In-city Routes

    Antalya Museum

    Hadrian's Gate (Three Gates)


    Yivli Minaret Mosque

    Karatay Madrasa

    Karaalioğlu Park


    Ancient Route


    Patara Ancient City

    Simena Ancient City

    Myra Ancient City

    Arykanda Ancient City

    Limyra Ancient City

    Olympos Ancient City

    Phaselis Ancient City

    Termessos Ancient City

    Perge Ancient City

    Aspendos Ancient City

    Side Ancient City

    Beach Route

    Trekking Routes

    Antalya is a paradise for trekking with its unique beaches, great mountains, and virgin forests. It is very possible to create your own route all over the city. In addition to the routes, you can create one yourself. Antalya also hosts world-famous trekking routes. The three best known of those routes are the Lycian Way, St Paul Route, and Pisidia Heritage Route.

    Lycian Way

    The Lycian Way starts from the east of Muğla and proceeds eastward and enters the borders of Antalya. The route, which is 500 km long in total, is signposted and welcomes trekking enthusiasts from all over the world.

    St Paul Route

    St Paul is known as a religion great who helped spread Christianity to Western European lands. St Paul Route follows the road St Paul immigrated to Europe. Starting from Perge Ancient City, the route passes near Antalya Airport and crosses the Toros Mountains and goes to Isparta beyond the boundaries of Antalya.

    Pisidia Heritage Route

    Pisidia, as an ancient region located at the foot of the Toros Mountains, hosts dozens of small and large ancient cities: Sagalassos, Termessos, Pisidya Antioch, Kremna, Adada, Selge, Pednelissos, Amblada, Anabura, Tymriada, Ariassos, Pityassus... 350 km long Pisidia Heritage Route passes through these cities.

    Rock Climbing Routes

    As a result of the mountains stretching parallel to the sea and being eroded by the Mediterranean waves, dozens of Rocky Mountains were formed in Antalya. Hence, Antalya is one of the most ideal cities in Türkiye for rock climbing.

    Geyikbayırı is the best-known rock-climbing area in Antalya. Located in Konyaaltı district, just a few kilometers east of Antalya's city center, Geyikbayırı has nearly 700 rock climbing routes. Moreover, there are very suitable places for camping around!

    In addition to Geyikbayırı, dozens of rock-climbing routes await you near Olympos Ancient City (Olympos Antik Kenti) in Antalya, Çitdibi, Akyarlar and Karataşlar.

    Bicycle Routes

    As Antalya is a sunny city for 12 months of the year, it is a city where everyone can ride a bike in all seasons. Moreover, it has both road, mountain, and electric bike routes. Click here to access bicycle routes in Antalya.