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    Orange is one of the most important agricultural products of Antalya and one of the natural symbols of the region. Approximately 23% of orange production in Türkiye is made in Antalya. Among the orange species grown in Antalya, especially Finike orange has a world-renowned flavor.

    The fertile plain covered by alluvial soils and the unique weather of Finike enable the world's most delicious oranges to grow in this geography. So much so that the saplings purchased from Finike and planted in other regions do not have the same color, quality and aroma because of the geographical factors that enable the growth of Finike orange are not in those regions.

    Finike orange, which is seedless, juicy and sweet as well as rich in composition elements, vitamins and minerals, has been registered as a Geographic Indication Product.

    Citrus Jam

    Jam has an important place in the gastronomy culture of Antalya. Today, since jam making has become an industry, traditional real jam making is also kept alive in Antalya. One fruits of which jam is made the most in the region is citrus. Citrus is turned into jam as a result of a laborious and difficult process (picking the orange, grating, scratching and peeling the peel, twisting the peeled peel into a roll and stringing it, softening it by boiling in hot water, sweetening it by soaking in cold water, boiling it with sugar and putting it into jars). Nevertheless, the taste of the jam is worth all this effort!

    Antalya Piyazı

    Antalya Piyazı has a reputation beyond the provincial boundaries with a history of nearly a hundred years. Developed and made famous in Antalya, Piyaz is a famous local flavor that guests visiting the city must taste with its production technique!

    Antalya Piyazı is a bean dish with tarator sauce. Although Piyaz varieties made in other regions are consumed as salads, in Antalya and its districts, however, Piyaz is eaten as the main dish. The distinctive feature of Antalya Piyazı is the use of tarator sauce and the ingredients used in this tarator. Sesame oil, lemon juice, vinegar, salt garlic, olive oil, and water are used in making the tarator. Dry beans, the main ingredient in Piyaz, are selected among small grains.

    Antalya Piyazı took its place among the Geographic Indication Products in 2017! 

    Yörük Kebabı

    Yoruks are people who live as nomads in Anatolia, earn their livelihood from animal husbandry, and live-in tents they set up on plains or highlands depending on the season. Although we do not come across Yoruks much nowadays, this way of life was lived in Anatolia for many years. The highlands in the Toros Mountains throughout the Mediterranean and Antalya have been home to Yoruks for many years. This culture, of course, was reflected in the food culture of the communities and region in question. Yörük Kebabı is a product of this culture, a perfect flavor made with plenty of meat and vegetables, as well as spices grown within the highlands.

    Burnt Ice Cream

    Just like Yörük Kebab, Burnt Ice Cream bears traces from the geography and conditions of the region. Milk, which is the main ingredient of ice cream, is obtained from the goats living in the Toros Mountains (Toros Dağları). The reason why ice cream is popular in the region is the desire of the locals to cool off on hot summer days. Burnt Ice Cream contains only goat's milk, cream, sahlep, and sugar. In other words, it is natural, healthy, and refreshing!

    Şiş Köfte

    You can taste different and delicious meatballs in many different regions of Türkiye. However, Antalya's meatball is different from the others as it is made on skewers.

    Salt is the only ingredient other than minced meat in meatball skewer, which is unique to Antalya. Bread or spices are not added to minced meat. The meatballs are put on the skewers longitudinally and are cooked on the grill over charcoal fire. Meatballs are served on a warm pita served alongside with cumin, tomato, pepper and baked onion.


    Lagos fish from the Serranidae family is colloquially known as Grida. Although Lagos is seen in the Aegean, Dardanelles and Marmara, it is a typical Mediterranean fish and is most caught in and around Antalya.

    The most distinctive feature of Lagos fish that distinguishes it from other fishes is that it has pure white meat and low fat. Lagos is very rich in Omega 3. It also contains a variety of vitamins.

    It can be said that the most distinctive aspect of Lagos Fish, apart from its health benefits, is the cooking method. Fish is cooked in salt. Rock salt is made into a mortar with eggs and a small amount of soda. The fish is covered in salt. However, it is important that no salt gets into the fish. To ensure this, the belly of the fish is covered with a foil.

    When the fish in salt is cooked in the oven or directly on the fire for more than an hour, the salt that covers the fish hardens and is broken with the help of a hammer. The soft Lagos Fish with a unique flavor comes out!


    You can of course find very fresh and delicious seafood in Antalya, a coastal city! You will find dozens of options in "fine dining", boutique or shabby restaurants and fish houses both on the seashore and in the interior. In addition to the classic seafood, you will also encounter niche flavors that you cannot find in many places!